Message of Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs:

Our primary values that: Education without gender-nationality and ideological discrimination.

The Student Vice-Chancellor of Laghman University is in charge of students' matters such as entrance exams, registration, exams and semester registration, and issues related to graduates, including the preparation of the graduation list and the issuance of certificates and degrees. Also, in order to improve the educational and educational level of students, the Vice-Chancellor of Education organizes many extraordinary educational courses in the form of workshops, courses and educational, cultural, sports and social competitions, The main tasks of the student affairs such us:

– Increasing efficiency and satisfying clients

– Increasing the skills of students and graduates

– Creating a dynamic and healthy environment in the university

– Extraversion and communication with society

The Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs always tries to provide the best and highest quality in the following departments in the shortest possible time to students:

– Office of the vice-chancellor/Management of student affairs/Management of alumnus affairs.

Assistant Professor 

Vice-chancellor of Student Affairs